Best of Wagsmusic

A superb compilation of Michael’s best solo/band concert’s performed in the U.S.A.,Canada, Europe from 2009-2013

1st disc:
1.Tour de France
2. Spirit of The Soul
3. Beyond The Hands of Time (2010 revised)
4. Elizabeth’s Waltz
5. Riverstones
6. Roses for Brianna
7. Waiting in The Wings
8. Who Loves You Baby Pie?
9. Look for The Light
10. Dangerous When Desperate

2nd disc:
11. Mango Moon in Miami
12. Coco Mo Joe
13. Speak from Your Heart
14. A Thousand Angels
15. Why You Gotta Be Like That?
16. Betrayed Hearts
17. Skin To Skin
18. A little Sugar A Little Nasty
19. Seven C’s Sonata
20. Masters and Slaves

3rd disc:
21. Baroque Hearts
22. Tender Mercy
23. Under the Knife
24. Shake That Money Maker
25. Little Black Dress
26. And They Called Me Crazy!
27. Is There No Justice in love (revised 09)
28. Making The Most of Goodbye (revised 09)
29. Take me Now (revised 09)
30. Desperate Heart (revised 09)

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