Mike Wagner Performing with his guitarAvailable on this website, you may sample from Michael’s ten CDs: “Spirit of the Soul”, “Beyond the Hands of Time”,   “Lightning in a Bottle”, Harbor Lights,  Blue Eyed Soul, Look for the Light, Speak from Your Heart, Playing with Fire, and Full Throttle.   The music contained in these collections is comprised of beautifully orchestrated original piano, guitar and vocal compositions reflecting classical, jazz, rock, calypso and gospel styles. It has been described by critics and fans as energetic, melodic, and good for both spirit and soul. For Michael, this music is an expression of life experienced, garnered through places traveled, and inspiring people met along the way.  As he states, be happy, surround yourself with positive – minded people, help as many people as you can, and above all, trust in God.

Rough Ride

Spirit of the Soul

Beyond the Hands of Time

Lightning In A Bottle

Blue Eyed Soul (2 disk set)

Wagner Live – Look for the Light

Harbor Lights

Speak from Your Heart

Playing with Fire

Full Throttle

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